Hi. I'm Declan. 

I am a skilled videographer, but more than that, a cinematic storyteller. My job is to create a beautiful film featuring you, full of your best memories and emotions. Other skills include: authentic British accent, mountaineering, starting a fire without matches, and whittling spoons. 

I am detail oriented, meticulous, and passionate about telling your wedding story authentically. I make sure everything is thought out so you can enjoy your special day to its fullest. Organization is my strong suit. Schedules and all those nitty-gritty details are sure to run smoothly when I'm on your team. I love creating lifestyle and wedding films that tell your unique story and I am passionate about making sure your wedding day is told timelessly. Nothing makes me more excited than envisioning you watching your wedding story with your children and grandchildren someday.  

My wife Rachel and I only work TOGETHER. It’s our passion to document love stories as one unit and it brings us so much joy to do so. If you only need a videographer, I have trained my assistant Madison to document weddings as I do and she is available to book solo jobs. To learn more about her and our associate packages click here.

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