Everyone - meet Madsion.

She is our dear friend and trusted professional to help us serve more couples by providing more videography services. Rachel and Madison have known each other for almost 20 years, and they have been shooting together for over 3. A year ago we trained Madison in video because of her amazing eye and ability to adapt to many different situations. Adding her to our team has been one of our best decisions and biggest blessings. For 2019 she will spend another year as our video assistant, but in 2020 she will be available to book on her own! We know how hard it can be to find a talented and passionate wedding videographer, but we want to ease your mind because we have another one aboard our team! She will film your wedding solo but will edit alongside Declan so you are sure to get a top quality wedding film that we will be proud to put our name on.

Madison is a mother of the world’s cutest baby, an amazing artist, and a wonderful friend. She is sure to be a stable hand during your wedding day to make sure everything goes smoothly and is documented timelessly. She is an invaluable part of our team and is an honorary Cadman. We love her and you will too.

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**Please note that our associate Madison can only work with photographers who have a similar approach to documenting weddings. Some of our pre-approved photographers are:

Jeri Stein

Jess Cart

Ariel Lynn

Kailey Marie

Tiffany Joy

Jenna Lauren

Negley Stockman

Veronica Lynn

If you already have your photographer booked just let us know and we will see if their style will allow us to create the best wedding film for you possible!