What is the best way to contact you? :

Fill out our contact form and then we will chat via email! Please, do not call me out of the blue - it really throws me off! (Rachel is an introvert) I love being able to thoughtfully write out responses especially in the beginning to answer questions to the best of my ability. Also, so we can have records of what has been said so if we need to look back on anything it is easy to do so. Once you are officially our clients/new best friends I welcome conversations via text and FaceTime and everything, but in the beginning stages e-mail is definitely best.

How many images do you typically deliver? :

This question is hard to answer because it totally depends on hours, bridal party, family photos, if you add a second shooter, and just generally what is happening during your day! For a typical 8 hour wedding you can expect at least 500 and sometimes up to 1,000 images. 


Do you take an hour off during the dinner hour (where we don’t have to pay you)? :

The hours are from the time we arrive to when we leave. We use your dinner hour to take a little break (like any normal job) so we can refuel and kill it during your reception! So no, we don’t take an “hour off”.


Should we feed you? :

We’d love that! But, we are also vegan so we totally understand that not many wedding meals cater to us. It is nice if we have a designated place to sit though, so we aren’t in another room if a guest gives an impromptu speech or something like that!


How long does it take to get our photos back? :

Typical turnaround time is 4-12 weeks. Preview galleries are available as an add on if you’d like to have 30 images within a week of your wedding to share and print out as gifts or for your thank you cards. 


How long does it take to get our wedding video? :

Typical turnaround time for wedding films is 8-20 weeks!


Can I have the raw image files? :

Nope. If you are choosing The Cadman’s we hope you are investing in our artistic style. It means a lot to us that you love how we document things, so if you are looking for a photographer to just give you the RAW files, we probably aren’t a good fit!


Do you edit blemishes? :

I will edit blemishes if they catch my eye and distract from the picture. 


Can you photoshop this/that/him/her/our cat in the picture? :

I actually do not use photoshop for my editing workflow. I capture the day how it is. My approach is very natural and so my editing style is very natural. So basically, don’t expect any fancy photoshop stuff. 

Do you offer an all-cash discount? :


Do you shoot same-sex weddings? :


Do you take credit cards? :

No - We only accept cash, check, or bank transfers to avoid unnecessary transaction fee costs.  

Are you flexible in your pricing? :

Our pricing is set so we can provide for our family, build towards a stable future, and keep up with our huge business expenses. We work with every budget (by adjusting hours and shooters) but please do not barter with us. It doesn’t feel good to think that our work is worth less than what you see. And honestly, it just sets us up to be less excited about your special day. If we are over your budget, we totally get it, but please do not ask us to devalue our work. It just makes us feel sad.