The Best of 2018

Holy cats. 2018 came and went so damn quickly for me. We started off 2018 in England visiting family, then we traveled back to our home in Oregon, and made a plan to move back to Ohio. That decision had a lot a facets to it, and a lot of people ask “why on earth would you do that??”. For me, a lot of it was never truly feeling like I ‘fit’ in Oregon. My little midwest heart CRAVED connection in a way that I just couldn’t find out West. Plus, our living expenses were getting beyond our means, and with Declan joining the business as a videographer - we were running out of money too quickly for comfort. The median house price in Bend is almost half a million dollars… so… that really didn’t seem like it would ever be in the cards for us. haha! Not to mention being 3,000 miles away from my family, and 6,000 miles away from Dec’s… Oregon was a beautiful adventure but ultimately it wasn’t where we were supposed to be. So, in February we took off back to Ohio. We moved in with my mom, focused on our 2018 bookings, and were able to move out in May to an apartment in Kent (my hometown). I absolutely love living in my hometown, which I never imagined I would. I was always the girl in High School that wanted to leave town and never look back, well, it turns out that Kent is the shit and I never want to leave. And, I got a job at a brewery which has turned out to be one of my greatest blessings. If you live in the area please come to Hop Tree Brewing - drink local!

This year I shot some amazing weddings. I know we are all supposed to say it, but I mean it. I experienced new venues (heyo Progressive Field), brides who HAND MADE their dresses (shoutout to Katie, the girl in the yellow flower field), and tear filled moments with grandparents. I documented true and raw love that continuously makes me overflow with gratitude. I got to do so much of this with my insanely talented husband, who has truly grown in his craft and is (without bias of course) one of the best videographers in our area. I am so proud. In May I hosted my second photography retreat and workshop which gave me a lot of feelings but mostly I am grateful for being able to create a space for photographers to meet and encourage one another. In August Dec and I traveled back to Oregon for one of the most stunning weddings and special celebrations ever. And we traveled to the UK in November for Declan’s best friend’s wedding. Which, I clearly couldn’t pare down to a small number of images so enjoy all the shots from that. Matt and Jo - I know your wedding will always mean so much to me. It was beautiful and made me love England all the more. I shot 17 sessions in October, which totally kicked my butt and rocked my socks. I mean, just wait until you see all the effing love. It is overwhelming.

There are probably a million more things to say, but I ended 2018 shooting a wedding which was so appropriate for what 2019 will be. We are almost fully booked and are so insanely grateful for the life the Lord has planned for us. I am thankful and in awe - and I can’t wait to see what else 2019 is going to bring The Cadman’s.


Rach + Dec

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