Kent State Hotel Wedding

Sami + Blake | Heritage Barn, Stow Ohio Wedding

Sometimes you meet your brides in the weirdest circumstances- for me and Sami, we met at our wedding venue. It was a week before mine and Declan's wedding and we were doing a final run-through with our parents. Sami was there with her parents seeing the venue for the first time. Bride-to-bride we just started talking about our table arrangements and where the ceremony would be outside and all that fun stuff- and then I shamelessly dropped the fact that I was a wedding photographer and I gave her my card. I know- classy.

A few months later she emails me and next thing I know I'm back in Ohio shooting at my wedding venue and having a wonderful time. Sami is the kind of person that everyone adores. She's the kind of girl that nobody has anything bad to say about. She is a fierce mother, sister, and friend- and I am so lucky I got to get to know her. And her husband Blake is such an awesome guy. He is solid- a great person to build a foundation of a family with. He is the perfect step-dad for Zoie and my heart melted when they danced together during the reception. Blake, Sam, and Zoie are a perfect little family and this wedding was a wonderful celebration of that. 

Sami and Blake- you two are such rockstars. I am beyond blessed to have been able to capture this day for you. 

All my love.