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Kimmie + Tyler | Ernst Farms Wedding

Welcome, blog-readers, to one of my favorite weddings of all time. And, this one happens to come with one heck of a story. 

So, approximately three days before Kimmie and Tyler's wedding, I was in Portland waiting for my mom's flight to get in. We had a great week of activities planned and I was so excited to have some mommy and me time. That same day I get a message from a Bend photo acquaintance looking for a photographer for a friend whose photographer cancelled on her last minute. The wedding would be in St. Paul, Oregon, on her family's peach farm. Knowing the intense amount of stress the bride must have been under, I decided to give her a call and see what the deal was. Welp, long story short - Kimmie and I are soul sisters. It was like the heavens aligned and we were meant for each other. She welcomed me and my mom into their big family and being a part of this wedding will always be a highlight for me. And, the fact that my mom got to see me work was so special, and she made sure I always had fresh sunscreen on. Sherry is a Godsend, what can I say? 

This wedding was at Kimmie's parent's farmhouse in St. Paul, Oregon. They own a peach and hazelnut farm and they worked their butts off to turn this working farm into a beautiful wedding venue. Kimmie is honestly the sweetest woman alive. She is the kind of person that everybody adores. Her heart is as sweet as Ernst peaches, that is for sure. And Tyler is her perfect match. He got ready down the road at his start-up small batch brewery. You'll see all the hops vines in the groomsmen pictures, as well in all the bouquets, flower crowns, and boutonnieres. Their first look made me cry and when you get to that part you will understand why. When Tyler saw her coming through the apple trees (yes there are apples too), he just melts into the sweetest puddle ever. 

And don't get me started on their flowers! Kimmie is a florist and and made everything herself. Portland brides - HIRE HER. She's a genius. You can see her work here.  Everything about this wedding was sentimental. The huge tables they use for the bridal party at the reception were made BY HAND by Tyler from an old tree that fell on the farm. Kimmie was brought to the ceremony in an old car which was significant to Tyler. She got ready in her childhood home and was gifted an heirloom ring by her mother for her special day. Everyone worked for months and months to make the farm into Kimmie's dream wedding. The whole town of St. Paul was invited and it was a huge party with tacos, beer, and bomb ass cupcakes and can you really even ask for anything more?!


Kimmie and Tyler, I wish I had better words to describe how much this wedding meant to me. All I can say is that we were meant to be, without a doubt.. Love you both and I wish you endless blissful years of marriage (and many babies!). 


Meredith + Nik | Ohio Farmhouse Wedding

It's hard to know where to get started with this blog post. Meredith is my best friend in the whole entire universe, and being able to capture her wedding will forever be one of my greatest honors. 

Meredith and Nik got married at her dad's farmhouse in Tiffin, Ohio. If you think a DIY wedding is a lot of work... try a DIY wedding venue! Mere and Nik got engaged at the end of February and had a 5 month engagement. Here is a picture because it is adorable and I am so blessed to have been there for this moment. 



By the way, I highly encourage short engagements. It keeps everything exciting and makes it a whirlwind, but typically family members have minimal time to put up a fight about napkin choice, table arrangements, and other random shit that doesn't matter. In the end, its all about you marrying your person, and I regret the year and 10 months I spent planning my own wedding. My husband is toooooo hot to have been my fiancé for that long. 

But anyways-

Mere and Nik had a 5 month engagement and drove to Tiffin from Canton (about a 1.5 hr drive) almost every weekend make a once hobby farm barn/storage facility/dangerous debris from torn down building into a gorgeous wedding venue. And by golly, they did it. It was a festival backyard wedding and everyone pitched in. And Meredith married into the most wonderful family. The Mateers are hardworking, kind, floral masters who made the wedding so beautiful and beyond special. 


Meredith Mateer- this is my love letter to you. You are the most wonderful, caring, life-giving person I've ever met. And truthfully, I can't believe you actually like me. I am honored to have captured these moments for you. I love you. 


And shout out to the amazing Julia Marie Photography for capturing what I couldn't! You are wonderful. 


Heyyyooo. Shout out to my smoking hot hubby!