Shelby + Ben | The Overlook - Kent, OH Wedding

Shelby and Ben... Shelby and Ben... where to begin!?

Well, Shelby and I knew each other from high school, and she was good friends with my sister. When she got engaged and contacted me for her wedding, I was so excited! Quickly we became super close and by the time it was her wedding and it was nothing but fun the whole day. Right at the beginning of the wedding day we realized Shelbs forgot her beautiful wedding sash at her house 30 minutes away! We ceremony wasn't far off and we needed somebody who wasn't in the wedding part to make the trip. Luckily, good ol' Sherry (aka my wonderful mother) lives less than a mile from the venue and was able to get Shelby's keys and go back to her house and save the day! My mom is the best guys. 

Read on to see a lot of funny moments. One of my favorites: Ben shook Shelby's hand right before their first kiss. Why? Because when Ben asked Shelby to be his girlfriend she shook his hand and said, "deal!". Such perfection. Wait till you see Shelby's reaction... priceless!

Also, future brides and grooms Shelby and Ben took 45 minutes after their ceremony to spend alone time together with me and my camera. Way too often couples feel this obligation to their guests that they forget why the heck they threw this party in the first place! Shelby and Ben's portraits will forever be some of my favorites. You can just see how peaceful they are to be in each other's arms, celebrating that they are finally husband and wife. 

Scroll down to live through their day at the beautiful Overlook in Kent, Ohio.