Meredith + Nik | Ohio Farmhouse Wedding

It's hard to know where to get started with this blog post. Meredith is my best friend in the whole entire universe, and being able to capture her wedding will forever be one of my greatest honors. 

Meredith and Nik got married at her dad's farmhouse in Tiffin, Ohio. If you think a DIY wedding is a lot of work... try a DIY wedding venue! Mere and Nik got engaged at the end of February and had a 5 month engagement. Here is a picture because it is adorable and I am so blessed to have been there for this moment. 



By the way, I highly encourage short engagements. It keeps everything exciting and makes it a whirlwind, but typically family members have minimal time to put up a fight about napkin choice, table arrangements, and other random shit that doesn't matter. In the end, its all about you marrying your person, and I regret the year and 10 months I spent planning my own wedding. My husband is toooooo hot to have been my fiancé for that long. 

But anyways-

Mere and Nik had a 5 month engagement and drove to Tiffin from Canton (about a 1.5 hr drive) almost every weekend make a once hobby farm barn/storage facility/dangerous debris from torn down building into a gorgeous wedding venue. And by golly, they did it. It was a festival backyard wedding and everyone pitched in. And Meredith married into the most wonderful family. The Mateers are hardworking, kind, floral masters who made the wedding so beautiful and beyond special. 


Meredith Mateer- this is my love letter to you. You are the most wonderful, caring, life-giving person I've ever met. And truthfully, I can't believe you actually like me. I am honored to have captured these moments for you. I love you. 


And shout out to the amazing Julia Marie Photography for capturing what I couldn't! You are wonderful. 


Heyyyooo. Shout out to my smoking hot hubby!