The Lentz Family

I have no words for my love for this family. Danielle is my superhero and total mom-photog role model.  I stayed with her family for a week in August and totally fell in love with their littles. If you can't tell by the photos here- little Miss Maisen is a total sass and mamas girl. Even after a week with me, she was still fiercely independent and would have none of my "lets be happy" talk. To be honest though-- I love all of these images. Even the ones with her scowl. Because that is so her.  And Jax is honestly the sweetest child in the universe. You have to scroll down to the images of him and Danielle running- my.freaking.heart.

So, to all you parents out there, I encourage you to come to.a session with little to no expectations. Capturing your children at their truest will only make you love your photos more in the end, I promise. And the more you fuss when your kids are being... kids, the less fun my job is.  And I like to keep my job fun, ya dig?

Lentz Family, I love you. Always and always. <3