Our Love Story


Our love story began over 6 years ago when we met at a church camp in the middle of nowhere in Ohio. 

Okay -- so maybe it didn't start as a love story, but thats when we met for the first time. Camp Aldersgate was my (Rachel's)  childhood camp, and Declan was working his first year on staff. He was one of the hot international staffers from England to be exact. (Insert heart-eyed emoji here) I came to volunteer for one week towards the end of the summer. Our interactions were slim, but I recall calling him 'Desmond' with confidence so thats pretty embarrassing. 

The next summer we worked full-time and spent most of our days together... and we were SO far from being in love. In fact, the next summer when we actually fell in love our friends mostly responded with, "Do you think that is a good idea??" To say we butted heads is a bit of an understatement. But- in the summer of 2013 Declan came to visit his friends in Ohio before he went off for a season in Canada, and we quickly and unexpectedly fell in love with one another. Our relationship has been through so many seasons of long distance, immigration paperwork, hardships, adventures, moving across the world, and then moving again, navigating the exciting waters of marriage, and growing further and further in love with one another. 

We are best friends. Before anything else. And I couldn't be more in love with our life together. 


We believe love stories are important. And we ask our couples what theirs are before we sign any contracts. We want to know where you've been so we can most accurately tell your story. Your wedding day is a celebration of the beginning of your greatest adventure. We are honored that we get to capture these stories for people, and we hope to be able to capture you throughout your various seasons of life. Don't think of us as a wedding vendor, think of us as your newest friends. 


We are moved by the outdoors and authentic people. We shoot all kinds of weddings, but we want to make sure that our couples are focused on the most important thing-- dedicating their lives to one another. Whether that is an elopement in the middle of nowhere, or big wedding at a vineyard outside of the city, our priority is working with couples who focus on making their wedding about the intimate moments. We love helping plan, give advice, and make this process as smooth for you as possible. We don't want to be seen as another vendor that you never see or think about after your wedding, we want to grow with you after your wedding day. If you are looking for a team to invest in your wedding vision, carry your purse, make sure you always have a drink in your hand, plan the best first look locations, give you dress advice, take amazing photos that make you feel something,  tell your story cinematically so that you can always remember the way the day felt-- we might be a great fit. But, if you are just looking to hire people to get in and get out, thats not our thing.